American Water Environment Grant - Proper Medication Disposal

The Sandusky River Minus Medication - The Safe Solution was the title for the $6,100 grant received from The American Water Environemental Grant. 

This funding provided for 3 Medication collection sites within the Sandusky Watershed.  The hospitals that participated were Firelands Hospital in Sandusky, Memorial Hospital in Fremont and Wyandot Memorial Hospital in Upper Sandusky.  Each held a collection in October 2008.  Final tabulation of medications collected are not yet available.

A brochure titled, "The SAFE SOLUTION!" on the Best Method of Disposal and an Alternative method of disposal was provided to particpants bringing in medications to the collection as well as to all medical professionals in the watershed.   This brochure also explains how this program can be utilized by rural residents with Home Sewage Treatment Systems as an additional inexpensive method of maintenance.  Read the broachure to find out how this is true!

Work is continuing too easy regulations and policies that restrict proper medication disposal from occurring as a result of this grant.