Resource Inventory and Management Plan

The first effort of the Sandusky River Watershed Coalition was the writing of the Resource Inventory which covers the entire watershed.  Once completed and in an effort to obtain an endorsed Watershed Plan for the entire watershed the Management Plan was added.  This plan, while not endorsed due to changes in the requirements, provides the basis used in both the Honey Creek adn Sandusky River - Tiffin Watershed Action Plans and is often referenced in work still being conducted by the Coalition today.
Below you can find the links to the plan.

Cover & Table of Contents.pdf2.89 MB
Chapter 1 - Introduction.pdf3.97 MB
Chapter 2 - Land resources.pdf8.53 MB
Chapter 3 - Water resources.pdf6.81 MB
Chapter 4 - Biological Resources.pdf4.74 MB
Chapter 5 - Aquatic Life Use Attainment.pdf6.7 MB
Chapter 6 - Water Supply Use Attainment.pdf9.2 MB
Chapter 7 - Recreational Use Attainment.pdf9.21 MB
Chapter 8 - Pollutant Loading to Lake Erie.pdf6.18 MB
Chapter 10 - Nonpoint Sources of Pollutants.pdf10.89 MB
Chapter 11 - Management Plan.pdf14.72 MB
Appendices.pdf24.97 MB