Steering Committee

2012-2013 Sandusky River Watershed Coalition Steering Committee

Chair - Kate Siefert, Crawford County Representative

Secretary - Lisa Clary, Chair of the Education & Development Committee

Other Members include:

Bre Hohman, Erie County Representative; Don Ralph, Hardin/Marion County Representative; Joe Perry, Sandusky County Represenative; Dr. Rem Confesor, Seneca County Representative; Lee Orians, Wyandot County Representative; Carig Houin, At Large #1; John Parker, At Large #2; Mike Fruth, At Large #4; Darrell Magrum, At Large #5; John Willey, At Large #6, Dwight Clary, Chair-Land Use & Resource management Committee; and Robert England, Chair - Water Supply and Wastewater Committee.

 The Steering Committee is a group of elected individuals who Typically meet on the first Wednesday of each monthly from 8:30 am - 10:30 am to guide the activities of the Coalition.  There meetings are posted on the calendar so please check each month for changes to the schedule.

Steering Committee memebers are elected by the membership of the Sandusky River Watershed Coalition at the Annual Meeting for a 2 year term.  The year in paraenthesis indicates the year elected to the most recent term.

2015 Steering Committee

Marion County Representative - Michelle Mattix (2014)

Sandusky County Representative - Scott Chalfin (2014)

Seneca County Representative - Rem Confesor (2014)

Crawford County Representative - Mike Hall (2013)

Erie County Representative - vacant (2013)

Wyandot County Representative - Jack Leslie (2013)

At Large #1 - Paul Baum (2014)

At Large #2 - vacant (2014)

At Large #3 - Juan Garza (2013)

At Large #4 - Kate Siefert (2013)

At Large #5 - Laura Wallrabenstein (2013)

At Large #6 - vacant (2013)

Land Use & Resource Management Committee Chair - Tim White (2014)

Education & Development Committee Chair - John Willey (2014)

Water Supply & Wastewater Committee Chair - Robert England (2014)


2013-2014 Steering Committee Members

Don Ralph (Marion/Hardin Co. Representative)

Joe Perry (Sandusky Co. Representative)

Rem Confesor (Seneca Co. Representative)

Mike Hall (Crawford Co. Representative) * Vice Chair

Jack Leslie (Wyandot Co. Representative)

Tim White (Erie Co. Representative)

Craig Houin (At-Large Member #1)

Vacant (At-Large Member #2)

Juan Garza (At-Large Member #3)

Kate Siefert (At-Large Member #4) * Secretary

Laura Wallrabenstein (At-Large Member #5)

John Willey (At-Large Member #6)

Dwight Clary (Land Use & Resource Management Committee Rep.)

Lisa Clary (Education & Development Committee Rep.)

Bob England (Water Supply & Wastewater Committee Rep.) * Chair


The Steering Committee meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:30 AM.  Most meetings are held at the Seneca County Agency for transportation (SCAT) Conference Room, 3446 S Twp Rd 151, Tiffin, OH.  On occassion field trips are scheduled to visit sites around the watershed.  Check the Calendar for specific location each month.


2008-2009 Steering Committee members

Front row (Left to right) Cindy Brookes, Joe Perry, and Stu Smith.  Back row Ann Bishop, Kate Siefert, Lee Orians, Chris Schimpf, Dwight Clary and John Crumrine.

 The make up of the Steering Committee includes representatives from Crawford, Erie, Sandusky, Seneca, Wyandot and Hardin/Marion Counties.  In addition there are six (6) At-Large representatives and the three (3) committee chairs that round out the group. 

Anyone interested in providing guidance and input into the work of the Coalitions efforts are eligible for election, which occurs each year at the Annual Meeting.  A job decription of what is expected of a Steering Committee member can be obtained by clicking on Job Description.

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