Honey Creek Watershed Action Plan

On April 27, 2006, the Honey Creek Watershed Action Plan was the first Watershed Action Plan to be endorsed in Ohio's Lake Erie Basin.  Since that time the Sandusky River Watershed Coalition has received endorsement on the Sandusky River - Tiffin watershed as well. 

Since its endorsement, the Honey Creek Watershed has been selected as the recipient of an US EPA Target Watershed Grant submitted by the National Center for Watershed Quality Research.  More information about the Honey Creek Targeted Watershed Grant can be found by selecting Grants in the right-hand column under Grants.

 Below is a map of the 11-digit Honey Creek Watershed with each 14-digit subwatershed shown in a different color.  For a larger map, click the link below HC-WAP FINAL MAPS.


HC-WAP FINAL MAPS 8.5x11.pdf2.07 MB