Non-Operator Landowner Education Program

Non - Operator Landowner Education Program

Do you own farm land but no longer actively farm the land?  Did you inherit farmland?  Did you buy farmland?  Whatever the case may be a program will began in February 2013 to provide you with some up-to-date information regarding the issues in agriculture, steps that can be taken to resolve the issue and how a non-operator landowner may be able to assist their farmer in the process.

The mailings will include information about Best Management Practices that you might not fully understand and would like to learn more about.  If this is the case you can click on any of the following highlighted links to visit their website or call the office for more information:

Crawford Soil and Water Conservation District - 419-562-8280

Erie Soil and Water Conservation District - 419-626-5211

Sandusky Soil and Water Conservation District - 419-334-6324

Seneca Soil and Water Conservation District - 419-447-7073

Wyandot Soil and Water Conservation District - 419-294-2312

or the Sandusky River Watershed Coalition Office at 419-334-5016.

If you do not receive the mailing and would be interested in learning more about the watershed, please contact Cindy Brookes at the Coalition office or by email at


This program is provided by IPM Institute of North America, Inc. as part of a grant funded through a Conservation Innovation Grant.