Partnership for Ag Resource Management

Partnership for Ag Resource Management

The Partnership for Ag Resource Management (PARM) received funding from the Great Lakes Protection Fund to pilot a project in the Sandusky Watershed.   PARM is a collaboration between the Coalition, the IPM Institute of North America, Heidelberg University's National Center for Water Quality Research and the International Plant Nutrition Institute.  The project aims to provide resources for Ag-retailers to lead the effort in reducing phosphorus losses and improving water quality.  Ag-retailers offer both critical products and services for nutrient management, as well as strong relationships with local farmers.  By working with Ag-retailers, PARM can accomplish the following objectives:

  • More effectively address phosphorus runoff concerns in the Sandusky
  • Provide crop management resources that will optimize Ag-retailer and farmer incomes.

Grant Administration by:

 IPM Institute of North America, Inc.

Grant Funding provided by the Great Lake Protection Fund.

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